Speaking at the IxDA Interaction ’17 Conference in NYC

I remember when I saw the email telling me that my talk proposal had been accepted for the Interaction ’17 conference, I was flooded with excitement – my hands shot into the air, I let out an involuntary, “Woo hoo!” and I started to a do a little excited dance at me desk, much to the startled amusement of my coworkers.

This opportunity meant a lot to me, because of the chance to give back to something that has given so much to me. I have been attending the IxDA Interaction conferences every year but one, since 2009. In that time I have grown immensely as a professional and as a designer, and I owe a lot of that growth to the IxDA community, my local IxDA chapter, and especially these conferences. Throughout all the stages of my career, the conference has served as a regular, high-intensity source of inspiration, education, invigoration, and connection to the craft and community of UX.

My talk was selected to be a “Spark Talk,” a quick 8 minute burst of an idea. I discovered that it’s very challenging to distill a topic you are interested in into an an accessible and entertaining 8 minutes. I am eternally grateful to the friends and colleagues who reviewed versions, listened to me rehearse, and gave me valuable feedback.

The day of the talk I was filled with nervous, but also giddy, excitement. Being on stage in front of roughly a thousand UX professionals and students, talking about designing for hardware was thrill and a career highlight that I am truly grateful for. Among the things I learned are that I should have tried to pack in less content, that rehearsal in front of an audience is crucial, and that I would love the opportunity to speak again in the future.

Here is the video of my talk, which starts at 20:30. Jiaojioa Xu and Mayo Nissen, who each gave spark talks before mine, were both excellent, and I highly recommend watching their talks as well. For more great talks from IxD 17, visit the IxDA Vimeo channel.

Jiaojiao Xu, Mayo Nissen, Sarah Gallivan – Spark Talks from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

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